Episode 9 - How To Find 1000 Sweethearts

In this episode, we share, how to find the people that can help you making your relationship playful. Be it swingers, intimate friends or simply online buddies that are exchanging messages with you about their naughty activities. We recommend using adult online platforms and then following 3 steps:

  1. Showing up: Create an attractive profile on the platform
  2. Reaching out: Write messages to people you find via the search functionality
  3. Make the relationship work: Be open, be vulnerable and keep in touch regularly with the people you really like

These are the platforms that we mention in the episode: 

SpicyMatch: hotmix

Not yet on SpicyMatch? Then setup a profile for free using the invite code hotmix.

SDC: hotmix686

Not yet on SDC? Get your free membership over here, using our promo code: 27461

Joyclub: Hotmix

German community anybody? Join over here for free. Use this invite link to join!


Communities that might be worth a try but we had no time to check them out yet: 


Let us know how you like these communities!


Have fun with your fellow people
Emily and Michael