Spicy Holiday Photos

Great images with iPhone, Android & any camera
During our swinger holiday at Spice Lanzarote we filmed a couple of tips for those of you, who enjoy shooting spicy photos of each other. This video and more are on our Youtube channel Good Light! Clips. The 6 tips in this video will help you make jaw-droppingly gorgeous pictures with just your smartphone and basic photography gear. Michael and Emily flew out to the beautiful island of Lanzarote to record it - and to show you that being on vacation is shouldn't mean that your creativity takes a back seat too! From framing to post-processing, Michael takes you through all the steps necessary to shoot high-quality pictures with a smartphone. Whether you have the latest iPhone or a few generations old Samsung, it doesn't matter. As long as it has a camera, you can create some beautiful images. When taking photos with a smartphone, keep two things in mind: 1. They have a focal length about equivalent to a wide-angle lens, so try to have the model fill the frame. 2. They have huge depth of field, so make the background and the foreground as distinctive as possible. Apart from those two smartphone-specific rules, the regular guidelines apply: - pose the model in an S-shaped curve if possible; - hips and shoulders should be at varying distances from the lens to even out the proportions; - focus on the eyes, or the eye closest to the lens; - use the reflector to make the light soft and shadows less noticeable. There you go! Only one thing left to do - giving that beautiful photo a finishing touch... If the picture turned out well (and how could it not, if you used our 6 tips for amazing smartphone photos?), taking care of post-processing is child's play. Just use your favorite camera app to crop and process the image. Michael recommends Camera 360, available both on iOS and Android. But if you have another favorite app, be sure to tell about them in the comments!   Hearty thanks to Spice Lanzarote for providing the awesome location! You guys really rock!