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There is no doubt that open communication is the platform on which relationships flourish. Regardless of the stage of the relationship, people will always be comfortable around each other if the other party is open and ready to discuss issues that arise between them. You will be surprised to realize something as simple but effective like constantly talking to each other could go a long way in reassuring your partner, especially when they are feeling insecure or jealous.

It is always good to express a point with an accompanying real-life example. And in today's post our discussion is centered around how open communication has kept our marriage alive.

Having been married for a little over 10 years, we can proudly say that we did not only fall in love, but we've also grown in love too. Our relationship has aged excellently over the years, despite the fact that we come from different countries and from obviously very diverse backgrounds. (Emily is from China and Michael has Germany as his motherland.)

Like most other couples, we also share a common hobby, in our case it is photography . This sometimes involves photo sessions with gorgeous nude or almost nude female models. Some of the models we feature in our shoots are our close friends or associates. In such occasions, Michael is the expert behind the camera while Emily does the model's makeup and chooses the wardrobe lingerie for our models. This way, we all play a significant role in our photos appearing glam and top-notch as you can see from the gallery.

Recently, one of our YouTube fans expressed his concern of what Emily thinks of Michael when he is taking nude photos of attractive and sexy women. This is in light of the fact that we've been married for a long time now.

Now this is where the importance of open communication comes in. This aspect about our hobby could be a little touchy for most couples. As in, one of the parties is bound to feel jealous at some point. But it all comes down to how you handle and talk about the situation at hand. Like other dynamics in relationships, if you can find some time and freely talk about such issues creeping between the two of you, then you will be surprised how healthy your marriage turns out to be.

Just like in our case, all marriages or unions have their challenges or temptations. Nonetheless, it is the unified approach you take to reassure your partner that makes the all the difference. For us, we always discuss in advance whenever Michael is going to have photo sessions without Emily present. Yes, something as simple as informing her in advance about a given photo shoot makes her comfortable, even if it means that Michael will be taking photos of other nude girls in her absence. As you can easily see the level of trust built in our relationship is pegged on open and sincere communication.

But then again this is just but a good example of our situation. We know nothing about your case, but we have a feeling that improving and adopting a culture of openness and active communication will change positively change how you relate to each other.

Have fun with your fellow people!
Emily and Michael