Show Notes, Links, and Resources for All Episodes

We are constantly talking to many couples about their romantic love and about playful sex. In order to maximize both for ourselves, we are trying out nearly every technique that we get aware of. Things that work for us, are then passed on to a few wonderful couples, who have chosen us as their coaches for their happy relationships. The Emily and Michael Show is our new approach to sharing our insights with a wider audience. Our hope is that we can inspire you to make your love relationship rock solid and playful.


Below are all the shows, listed from newest to oldest! 

Episode 11 - Hot Parties for Both Of You

Episode 10 - Individual Adventures

Episode 9 - How To Find 1000 Sweethearts

Episode 8 - Are You Swingers? At Heart?

Episode 7 - Does your foreplay begin in the kitchen?

Episode 6 - Are you MONOGAM-ISH? Both of you?

Episode 5 - Watching Couple Friendly Porn Together

Episode 4 - The One-Minute-Technique to Fuel Your Love

Episode 3 - The "HOTMIX GAME" for One or More Couples

Episode 2 - The Best Way to Say "I Love You"

Episode 1 - No More Spicy Holiday Photos